Friday, January 31, 2014

gallery 37 opening northport

Here are a few images from my gallery opening last night in Northport, NY.  Diane Guariglia of Dyfari Interiors and Axel Yberg of Akke Functional Art graciously hosted me in Gallery 37.  The showing was amazing!  Below are a few images of the installations before the opening.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

718-1 fabric

Designer Jeanie Petrick of Petrick Architecture in Evanston, IL used fabric 718-1 to make this beautiful accent pillow.  Click here to shop the various fabrications available in this pattern.

For more information, please email

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


New painting revealed.  It is still in the process of drying.  I love the mix of colors.  From blacks and grays in the background to bright yellow, teal, orange, cobalt and fuchsias in the top layers of the painting.  There is so much movement and energy.  It just looks like a party to me!  

This painting can hang both vertically and horizontally, as pictured below.

For more information, please email

24"x36" oil on canvas

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


I am so excited to unveil this painting.  I have been working on it since October and she is finally complete!  I love the bright cobalts and various shades of reds, yellows, greens and purples.  This painting can be hung both horizontally and vertically as pictured below.

48"x60" oil on canvas
for more information, please email

Thursday, January 23, 2014

102 print installation

Last month I got an email from a client in Pennsylvania who wanted a very large print.  She specifically wanted a print that was sized 30"x72".  I hadn't seen the space, but she knew exactly what she wanted-- something bright and bold for her living room.  So, I mocked up a few print options for her and we settled on a cross section of painting #102 and I got to work.

The cool thing about this project is that we worked together to create something custom and perfect for her living room.  We got to discuss exactly what it was that she was looking for and come up with a plan.  I absolutely love doing custom work for clients-- both print and original commissions.  For prints, I can always change the size, shape and color to fit your needs!  

If you are looking for a piece of art that is specific to your space, please feel free to contact me and we can mock up some ideas for your room.

102 sized 30"x72" featured in the Pennsylvania living room. 
  ** the client is lowering the print, so will update the photos as soon as she does**

102 sized 30"x72" featured in the Pennsylvania living room.   
** the client is lowering the print, so will update the photos as soon as she does**

show in northport and nyc meetings

Come join us for an evening of art and cocktails
Gallery 37
12b School Street
Northport, NY
January 30th

Lindsay will also be conducting meetings in the NYC area January 31 and February 1.  To schedule a meeting, please email

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

new prints and wallpaper

I have been hard at work this snow day, creating new prints and wallpapers for you!  To view my whole assortment of prints, wallpaper, fabrics, please visit

Below is a sampling of new prints and wallpaper!  More will be added this week!

1114 wallpaper
available in swatches and rolls
i just love the idea of this in a powder room, in bookcases, on an accent wall!  the colors pop!

'1114' prints
created from sections of original paintings
great to hang together or separate

'824' print
created from a section of an original painting
stretched on canvas with hand applied texture

'924' print on stretched canvas
created from a section of an original painting
with hand applied texture

Monday, January 20, 2014

broccoli installation revealed

A little over a year ago, I was approached by a design team out in Los Angeles.  The team, SFA Design, which is based in LA and Santa Barbara, contacted me in need of abstract art for a project for the Broccoli family, who are the producers of the James Bond films.  The time line was particularly tight, which was daunting, but I took the project.  We had 1 month to produce and ship the oil painting featured below.  I worked steadily on the painting, for many hours each day.  And ultimately, I completed the painting within the time frame.  

Over the past year, SFA Design has been working on a publishing deal, so I had to withhold the photos of the installation until it was published.  Now it is!!  Luxe Magazine Los Angeles Winter 2014 edition hit the stands this January.  So, here is the installation reveal!!

As soon as I have the digital copy of the article in Luxe, I will be sure to post it.

For more information on commissions or any other paintings in my available portfolio, please feel free to email

Sneak peek of the Luxe Magazine article

Saturday, January 18, 2014

new prints

I have added a few new prints to my print website.  Prints are printed on canvas and stretched on 1.5" stretcher bars.  The sides are painted white and texture is hand applied to each print.  

The below prints are offered in sizes 12"x12" to 36"x36".  Scroll below for links to the sales page for each.

For inquiries, please email

Friday, January 17, 2014

new installations

'White on White' 
48"x48" oil on canvas
available for sale
also available to commission in different shapes and sizes
perfect to hang in any environment- traditional, contemporary, transitional!
for more information, please email

48"x72" oil and resin on canvas
shown hanging vertically
but can also hang horizontally
available for sale
for more information, please email

Thursday, January 16, 2014

123013 installation

'62113' 48"x60" oil on canvas
hanging above the mantle
available for sale

'123013' triptych (hanging on the right)
installed and available for sale
these would be awesome to hang vertically (as pictured)
horizontally above a bed, couch, etc.
each 24"x24" oil on canvas
please visit
OR email

Monday, January 13, 2014

style me pretty

Below is an image of the print featured in the NYC apartment featured on Style Me Pretty today.  This print can be ordered by emailing  It is available in many different sizes-- 24"x30", 30"x40", 36"x48", 40"x50", 48"x60".  

It is also available in many different color options.  A few are listed on

For more information on prints or originals, please email

Sunday, January 12, 2014

1114 installed

'1114' 36"x72" oil on canvas
composed of 2 sized 36"x36" panels
can be hung together or separately
for more information, please email

Saturday, January 11, 2014

83 installed

'83' 36"x36" oil on canvas
installed in richmond va
available for sale
shown installed above a king size bed.  
great size for above a couch, mantle, queen/king size bed, living room, dining room
for inquiries, please email 

Friday, January 10, 2014


36"x72" oil on canvas
composed of two 36"x36" paintings
can be hung horizontally, vertically, as one large painting or separately
for more information on this painting,

'1114-1' 36"x36" oil on canvas

'1114-2' 36"x36" oil on canvas

Sunday, January 5, 2014


New Abstract Painting!  
48"x72" oil and resin on canvas.
can be hung both horizontally and vertically
for more information, please email

pictured hanging horizontally

pictured hanging vertically