Saturday, March 30, 2013

building stretcher bars

 Its a gorgeous spring day outside, actually the first that we've had in quite some time.  But I'm in the studio, squaring up stretcher bars and prepping them for the corporate art project that I'm producing for a company out in Mequon, Wisconsin.  I built three 40"x50 and one 48"x60" today!  Its a lot of work making sure that all of the corners are perfect and square!  

Next week I will stretch the canvas prints and then add the textured glaze to each print.  Plus I have a lot of painting to do for the two shows I have coming up in May, plus quite a few meetings in the studio and my best friend's wedding!  It's going to be a very fun, busy week!

One of my little helpers-- my french bulldog, Mimi!  She always keeps me company in the studio when I paint :)  The other helper, is my boyfriend, who is behind the camera!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

untitled 32613

60"x60" oil on canvas
for information on this piece, please email

**will post better image soon**

Saturday, March 23, 2013

installation nyc

Untitled 36 installed in NYC!  What a great view!

all photographs by Matt Licari
interiors by ePic MAD

Monday, March 18, 2013

untitled 21413 inverted triptych

Untitled 21413 inverted triptych.  Available in print format only.  Sizes 24"x30", 30"x40", 36"x48", 40"x50", 48"x60".  With or without texture.

Each can be ordered separately.

For more information, please email

Monday, March 11, 2013

untitled 810 print color ways

Prints are produced on stretched canvas as well as archival paper.  All prints are special order, so sizes can be customized.  I can produce the whole image, or sections of the piece.  For one of my clients, I was able to cut the image down to fit in her square frame.

Custom color ways can also be ordered to fit with your needs and your space.  I work on both commercial and residential projects.

All current print color variations are listed on the prints on canvas tab at the top of the page.

For more information, please contact

Another great way to decorate is using multiple color ways of one print.  Check out the ideas below:

Sunday, March 3, 2013

a few new print options

A few more color options are available in Untitled 924 in print format.  All prints are produced on 1.5" gallery wrapped canvas.  The sides can either be white or have the image wrap around.  Sizes available are 24"x24", 30"x30", 36"x36", 40"x40", 46"x46" (this is the largest size for the image wrapped frame), 48"x48" or 50"x50".  Texture can be added to each print for dimension.

For more info or to request a custom color way, please email

 Untitled 924- teal green lilac

 Untitled 924- yellow sea green aqua purple

Untitled 924- peach lavender mint grey