Saturday, March 30, 2013

building stretcher bars

 Its a gorgeous spring day outside, actually the first that we've had in quite some time.  But I'm in the studio, squaring up stretcher bars and prepping them for the corporate art project that I'm producing for a company out in Mequon, Wisconsin.  I built three 40"x50 and one 48"x60" today!  Its a lot of work making sure that all of the corners are perfect and square!  

Next week I will stretch the canvas prints and then add the textured glaze to each print.  Plus I have a lot of painting to do for the two shows I have coming up in May, plus quite a few meetings in the studio and my best friend's wedding!  It's going to be a very fun, busy week!

One of my little helpers-- my french bulldog, Mimi!  She always keeps me company in the studio when I paint :)  The other helper, is my boyfriend, who is behind the camera!

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