Friday, December 6, 2013

art miami and the wynwood district

I am down in Miami this week scoping out all of the amazing art fairs.  Yesterday we went over to the Wynwood District to check out Art Miami, Context, Red Dot and Spectrum.  Below are some of the images from Art Miami and Context that really inspired me.

The above images are made of thousands of Korean prayer rolls.  The texture, movement and muted colors in this piece were breathtaking.  If I had $45,000 to spend, I would have snatched this one right up.  It was stunning.

Again, I loved the movement and colors in this piece.   This painting was featured in the Context show.  I love her use of straight lines and color.

 I stood here for a good while trying to get a picture of this sculpture at the front of Art Miami.  There were always people around it.  I just love the movement.  There is quite a lot of sculpture and 3d paintings featured in these shows.  It seemed to be a theme.

Of course I gravitated towards Helen Frankenthaler.  I'm sorry I didn't get a clear picture of this painting.  The dimension in the painting was seriously incredible.

 I love the bold use of color in this.  AND the fact that its two 48"x48" painted together and framed together.  SMART!  This makes it very easy to dismantle and transport, but you still have the effect of a 48"x96" painting.  Stunning.  I am going to have to do this.  I just love LARGE art, but its so difficult to transport.  Fantastic solution!

This was beyond my favorite painting.  I saw it from a distance and literally ran to it.  Of course, it is a Wilhem de Kooning.  It was already sold...not that I could afford it, but just goes to show you how quickly his work sells.  AND what I realized after I left is that I use a lot of these colors.  I immediately thought of my series that I painted back in June- 61913, 62013 and 62113.  I can't wait to use this painting as more inspiration!

AND Joan Mitchell.  This was the smallest of the pieces that I gravitated towards, but it honestly just pulls you in.  The focal point in the lower center portion of the painting just grabs you and then your eyes just go bouncing around this piece.  There is so much energy in this.  I love it!

Off to check out more shows today!  Check back in to see more of my favorites tomorrow!!

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