Tuesday, November 12, 2013

black and white holiday gifts!

As you may or may not know, I am beyond obsessed with black and white paintings.  And I just so happen to have a few fantastic black and white paintings available for your gift giving this holiday season.

All of my paintings are signed and titled on the back, which allows you to flip each painting around in any direction-- horizontal or vertical.

Here they are!

For inquiries, please email lindsaycowlesfineart@gmail.com

'82113' 48"x60" oil on canvas

'82113' 48"x60" oil on canvas

'9313' 40"x40" oil on canvas

'9413' 30"x40" oil on canvas

'White on White'
8"x8" (1)
10"x10" (2)
10"x20" (1)
24"x24" (1)
24"x36" (1)
Commissions available in any size

'Tsunami' 48"x48" oil on canvas

AND check out these black and white print options!

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