Wednesday, October 9, 2013

spectrum photos

I can't believe the show has already come and gone!  It was a whirlwind!  I look forward to staying in touch with the many collectors, gallery owners, art consultants, artists and show management that I met over the course of the past 6 days.

Entrance to the show at the Javits Center North

Close up of my booth.  From left to right top to bottom: white on white paintings, 32713,42313, 42413, 82113, 61913, 62713.  For more information on any of the paintings pictured here, please email

View coming down the stairs into the show

Close up detail show of 61913 on the billboard at the Javits Center

C'est moi

Friday evening cocktails

Friday evening cocktails

Hope Lloyd Brown of Broony Square.  Chicago, IL


  1. Great collage of images. Both Lindsay and Mom were a great addition to the Show....not to mention the Great Work! See you at Miami Art Week and SPECTRUM MIami.

    Rick Barnett

    1. Thank you so much Rick! It was all my pleasure! Looking forward to seeing you all in Miami soon!