Friday, February 3, 2012

young house love

This week I dropped off a few of my paintings for Sherry and John Petersik's (the ever amazing Young House Love blogging duo) DIY interior book.  They are so dynamic.  I was really impressed by them both--their generosity, their drive and their effervescent personalities.  I am so excited that they chose me to be a part of their first book!

I got to meet their adorable daughter, Clara, who so deemed me "J-Lo".  I'm sure that it was the bit of fur and the Loubies that I was wearing to spark her association of me to Jennifer Lopez, but I'll take it!

Here are a few of the paintings that are in the line up to be shot.  Cross your fingers that all of them make it:

Green Stripe 36"x48"

Untitled 36"x36"

Star and Kite each 18"x18"

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