Tuesday, May 27, 2014

gallery installation

New installation in the gallery.  '52413' 36"x48" oil on canvas installed above the mantle.  Two framed white paintings on either side- 20"x20".  43014 24"x30" oil on canvas on the left and 5114 24"x30" oil on canvas on the right.

All available for sale.  For more information, please contact lindsaycowlesfineart@gmail.com.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Below is another new piece in my shape and form series- focusing on the layering and movement of the letters and numbers over many under-paintings.

This piece is a collection of dates, zip codes, streets and cities where I have lived-- from Richmond, VA, to New York, NY to Los Angeles, CA.

'52014' 40"x44" oil on canvas

Monday, May 19, 2014

51914- 1&2

I am so excited to reveal some of my newest paintings to you!!  Below are two 24"x24" oil on canvas paintings in my shape and form study.  You may notice that these paintings are focused on numbers and letters.  Each of them spelling out something significant in my life.

The paintings below spell out significant dates and some of the places that we have lived-- Richmond and New York.  Movement and depth is created through the many under-layers and the swirling placements of the significant shapes and forms.

Both paintings are available for sale.  For more information, please email lindsaycowlesfineart@gmail.com.



Thursday, May 15, 2014

new installations

Below are a few recent installations in Richmond, VA.  I am so in love with this house.  And couldn't be happier that my paintings have such a great home and a great family to enjoy them!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

new testimonials page

I am thrilled to announce the addition of the testimonials tab in the navigation bar at the top.  Many of my wonderful clients have provided insight into their experience working with me and owning my art.  Please make sure to check out the tab for additional reviews/testimonials!  I am blessed to work with many amazing clients and designers!  I would absolutely love to work with you too!

Also, I am proud to announce that I have been voted one of the top 50 artists to watch in 2014-2015!
--Art Business News

Below are a few testimonials from my clients and colleagues.

“I reached out to Lindsay because I had seen some of her pieces online. She was coming to NY in the next few weeks and stopped by my house and brought the pieces I was interested. 
You can buy art you like without knowing where it will go - - but it is even better to buy art you like and see it in your space and find the perfect piece for the perfect space.
Highly recommend you contact Lindsay and see what beautiful pieces she has for you.”
                       --Simone Bott, Jersey, City, NJ

“Lindsay does beautiful work, and she is such a pleasure to work with! Her approach is so personalized, and she really takes the time to help her clients find the perfect pieces. She has a fantastic eye and her paintings are gorgeous. I can't wait for another opportunity to work with her!”
                           --Amanda Frank, New York, NY

“Lindsay Cowles is a vibrant abstract artist. One can sense that she stretches herself in her work; breaks through conventional boundaries to bring her own unique perspective to each piece. One of my favorite pieces that I have is a large abstract that is a reminder that in working through our struggles we can reach a greater understanding and result. Her pieces are textural and simultaneously eye catching and comforting. I am a huge fan of Lindsay. She is not only is a brilliant artist, but a warm and smart business woman. I look forward too seeing her future work as her career evolves.”
                         -- Anonymous client, Richmond, VA

“We have 2 pieces from Lindsay and love them. She is easy to work with, timely, and helps with the delivery process. She also brings other works of hers to show you so that you can see things in person before you buy. Very easy to work with and helpful. Love her pieces”
                                    --Lauren Behfarin, Lauren Behfarin Design, New York, NY

Lindsay was such a wonderful artist to work with. When I decided to buy my first painting, I knew it was going to be one of Lindsay's pieces. She was very patient with me and spent time learning about what I wanted. She then sent me updates whenever she finished a new piece that she thought might be the right fit for me. I felt like an important client from the beginning and could not be more thrilled with my painting. In fact, I love it more and more as time passes. The compliments I receive from others reaffirm I made the right decision.”
--Mary Richardson, Atlanta, GA

“Lindsay came to our apartment with several of her paintings. No painting is too large or too small for her to schlep from Richmond, Virginia to New York City! Lindsay is charming, creative, energetic and talented. She was objective in giving us advice regarding a paintings 'fit' and patiently helped us to make a decision. We chose a fairly large painting for our family room and could not be happier with it. 
Lindsay had recommendations for a framing company (although her artwork does not need to be framed) and she followed up on any questions we had for her. She sent us tickets to a recent art show in NYC which we enjoyed attending. I frequently review Lindsay's portfolio online and we will likely purchase something from her in the future.”
                                    --Lisa Metcalf, New York, NY

“Lindsay Cowles is a phenomenal artist. I had been following her work for a while and became very intrigued. I purchased several paintings for my office and they look fantastic. Lindsay is a very special person with amazing talent.”
                                    --Cedar Hill Management, Richmond, VA
"Lindsay has great energy!  She is fantastic to work with.  Her sense of color and composition is exceptional.  She listens and strives for perfection.  Lindsay is courteous, fun, positive, service oriented.  Her work is excellent.  I will definitely work with her again!"

-- Georgie Keller, Senior Designer, SFA Design

“Lindsay Cowles is a very talented artist. Her paintings have become the focal point of some many of my Interior Design Projects. Lindsay's vibrant colorful paintings are a true reflection of her outgoing personality bringing life into any space!”
                                    --L Kate Interiors, New York, NY

"Great emerging artist.  I have many of her paintings in my office and my home.  Very talented!"
-- Dr. Timothy Mountcastle, Chief of Plastic Surgery at INOVA Loudon Hospital

Thursday, May 8, 2014

installation in mark d. sikes's lcdqla window

This week is the La Cienega Design Quarter's 2014 Legends event.  Below are a couple of images of my "white on white" painting featured in Mark D. Sikes's gorgeous window!!  Check it out below.

This painting is available for sale through Kristen Buckingham and 1st Dibs!
image via La Dolce Vita

image via La Dolce Vita

Sunday, May 4, 2014


'5414' 48"x60" oil on canvas
study of shape, form and line
for more information, please email

Saturday, May 3, 2014


'5214' 30"x40" oil on canvas
a study of shape, form and linear movement
for more information on this painting
please email

Thursday, May 1, 2014


'42914' 36"x36" oil on canvas
this painting is part of my new study on shape and form
available for sale
for more information, please email